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With over 30 years of mechanical contracting experience and 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have touched every section of the mechanical construction industry. With constant attention to detail and a desire to fabricate the best products on the market, we eventually grew into our 150,000 sq/ft facility. In 2014 our in-house research department put its focus on working to develop a watertight and longer lasting exterior ductwork system. Quickly we became aware of the advantages of KoolDuct and how its competitive advantages could be used as a fundamental basis for an exterior system. Over three years we investigated hundreds of different materials to be used as an exterior shell for our system. A twenty-gauge galvanized steel with a proprietary baked on finish of Sherwin Williams XL SMP (silicone-modified polyester) paint eventually showed its extreme durability and ability to hold up in the harsh environment of southwestern Pennsylvania.  In 2019 the first generation of TUFF DUCT hit the market with huge success. Quickly we saw a massive demand and maintained a long-term strategic goal of creating and mass producing an affordable new standard of outdoor ductwork. In 2022 TUFF DUCT SYSTEMS released its “patent pending” TUFF CAP and Corner system. Using extruded plastic injection molding we developed the most affordable method to efficiently seal rectangular duct joints. In 2023 TUFF DUCT SYSTEMS released its “Easy Choice Campaign” which focused on a nationwide tour of the nation’s top mechanical engineering firms with the help of selected rep firms. In 2024 TUFF DUCT SYSTEMS is set to move into its new state of the art 200,000 sq ft facility which will allow us to continue to better serve our customer base with our new proprietary streamlined fabrication process. Our highly educated team of sheet metal experts can be contacted at any time to help you with any questions you might have at Will@TUFFDUCTSYSTEM.com or at 412-582-1978.

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